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ARTDECO Creation:) aplication post

Today post the application to DT fantastic company 
I decided to tray their hand in the hope that my designs
 full of layers, flowers and colors will appeal to COMPANY
Some examples of my work using folders for embossing, 
die cut, and mix media

For several years I have been actively scrapbooking, 
mix media, home decor and actually cardmaking is my favorite form of creativity.
The common feature of my work is rich composition, multiple layers and a lot of flowers. 
My designs are very feminine.
During the last years I worked very hard, developing their skills.
Today I can say that, although I can already much, 
I'm still looking atypical, original ideas, 
and work in such a creative DT definitely opens up a new horizon.
I know how to work in a group, build new relationships easily.
 I can adapt to the environment, I am a conscientious and responsible.
I am convinced that the combination of my skills and capabilities 
will prove beneficial for both parties.

I belong to Design Team

1. polish shop SCRAP PASJA

2. Craft Heaven Shop

For 5 years I lead an active blog and presents my works on FB 
z rąk wyjęte...


So ... here are a few examples of the work of older and newer invite you to watch :)

Keep Your fingers crossed for me:)

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